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Waseem Satout, a sports teacher and a black belt holder in karate, used to play the role of a sports coach before the outbreak of the Syrian revolution. As events escalated, his life took an inspiring humanitarian turn.

People of determınation
People of determınation
Waseem and the Revolution

Waseem decided to establish a school to support children with disabilities and those affected by the consequences of the war. By virtue of karate, he helped children impacted by the war to overcome their challenges and integrate effectively into society. 

Challenges and Success

Waseem transitioned from a sports coach to a humanitarian icon, using his karate skills to help children overcome war-induced violence and transform it into positive energy. 

The school he founded achieved significant success, contributing to the reintegration of affected children into society and helping them overcome cases of withdrawal and isolation. 

People of determınation
Waseem's Aspirations

Waseem aspires to build a generation of athletes who will be a source of pride for the revolution in the future. He dreams of the end of the war, enabling him to fulfill this dream by raising a generation that will elevate their country's name. 

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