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These atmospheres are genuinely unique, blending artistic thought with culture. It's a library teeming with rich and diverse ideas, artworks, and paintings brimming with creativity. A glimmer of hope manifests through the art of sculpting and expression. This idea began, without a center or equipment, as a sincere initiative by a dedicated group of young people who believe in providing space for talents, supporting them, and nurturing their growth.

Subh Team
Subh Team
The Revolution Unites Us

The Morning Team was founded by youth from various backgrounds, some displaced and others university students who moved to the city to pursue their education at Aleppo University. They found themselves in a new community and an unfamiliar environment. There was no place to bring them together or a space to unleash their energies and nurture their talents. 

Successes and Challenges

The Morning Cultural Team is considered a refuge for hope and life. Due to the need, they started offering cultural and artistic workshops, contributing to the development of individuals and guiding them toward creativity. They began presenting theatrical performances addressing critical social issues and cultural programs for children. 

The Morning Team did not settle for providing cultural and artistic activities only; it also participated in art exhibitions and poetry evenings, contributing to organizing diverse cultural events. 

Subh Team
Subh Team's Ambition

'Subh' is not just a team; it's a small community forming a shining light spot. The team looks forward to expanding its experience to the cities of the northern countryside of Aleppo, carrying the ambition to provide artistic and cultural experiences for the local community.

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