Hassana Family House

Hassana, an ambassador of humanity and the spirit of care in Idleb, founded 'Beit Al-Aila,' which is more than just an orphanage. It is a shelter that holds within its walls the stories of her life and the tales of the children who have become her family. Alongside a group of friends, she led efforts to establish this home, which has become a warm sanctuary and a true home for her and the children.

Family House
Family House
Hassana the Revolutionary

Hassana worked in nursing, and with the outbreak of the war, ,she migrated from Aleppo and decided to be part of the solution. ,She founded 'Beit Al-Aila' to be a refuge for orphaned children who lost their families.

Successes of Beit Al-Aila

Beit Al-Aila is not just a shelter; it is an educational and caring environment that seeks to ensure the formation and empowerment of children to be active community members. 

'Beit Al-Aila' has become a refuge for orphaned children who have lost their families, helping them integrate and providing care, education, and special attention to achieve their potential.

Family House
Aspirations and Dreams

Hassna, who attended numerous training sessions and actively contributed to women's organizations , harbors a significant dream for the future of Syrian children. ,She aspires to implement educational and social initiatives that support orphaned children and empower them to achieve their ambitions in the challenging conditions imposed by the war.

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