Aziz Asmar Feather of hope

Aziz Asmar, the talented Syrian artist, hails from the city of Bennish in Idleb and is fifty years old, a father of three children. His life story embodies commitment and challenge, as he was compelled to balance work and study to secure a decent life for his family amid challenging financial circumstances.

Feather of hope
Feather of hope
Aziz and the Revolution

Aziz experienced migration during the Syrian Revolution, finding himself in Lebanon. During this time, he seized the opportunity to participate in various artistic activities and paintings, contributing to spreading humanitarian messages reflecting the Syrian reality. 

Success and Challenges

Upon his return to Syria, Aziz joined the ranks of intellectual activists, starting to paint murals that express the reality of his country and support humanitarian causes. 

He founded the 'Brush of Hope' team, an artistic initiative that had a broad impact, organizing exhibitions in several countries worldwide. 

Feather of hope
Aspirations and Dreams

Aziz carries great hope for the end of the war, aspiring to a bright future for the children of Syria who become beacons in supporting humanitarian causes globally. His history and contributions make Aziz Asmar an artistic and humanitarian figure who inspired many worldwide. 

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